Our Leaders

Dear friends:

Several storms, and the years, suddenly look back, LAN run have to accompany you through innumerable trials and hardships, these days that we are in the midst of the cusp of market economy, solidarity, striving to make the ability of enterprises to fight the market growing, advancing market qualification more strong, growing degree of customer satisfaction, significantly increased the level of comprehensive strength, we entered the sustainable development of the company's rapid growth stage, the work has made an unprecedented good grades are moving in a better future of sound development. Extraordinary past and firm "concentrate, single-minded, professional" of the faith, relying on green environmental protection this sunrise industry, adhere to customer first as the core, and constantly introduce new products and management experience, open up new application areas, so as to maintain a strong competitive ability. Everyone to run the orchid's affirmation, is our forward continuous power. The basic idea of facing the fierce market competition environment, LAN run people always adhere to the innovation and change, development business, take the initiative to implement forward-looking strategic change. It is with a large number of arduous pioneering, professional development, forge ahead in unity of adult linked to create a success, from trade to entities, formed their unique culture idea and management mode. Opportunities and challenges in the coexistence of glory and dream! Looking forward to the new year, we will continue to rely on talent advantage and service advantages, adhere to the take the market as the guidance, take the quality as the core, to serve as a driving force, unite as one, helpfulness, with better quality products and service return customers trust of our. I wish to extend, on behalf of LAN run a direct concern and support of our customers to extend my deep gratitude to! We firmly believe that in stimulating domestic demand and energy conservation in the background, the experimental equipment industry is bound to be a long-term sustainable growth as the sunrise industry!